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Fab Five

Presenting “The Old And The New, A Different Kind of Revue” A Marvelous Mixture of Music, Mirth and Verse

The Cultural Arts Division of the Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation Department will feature The Fab Five on Saturday, August 13th from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the Joslyn Community Center. Fab FiveWarren J. Rohn pleasantly presents “the old and the new, a different kind of revue” to our audience this summer. Rohn began by co-writing a Verse Play which was the offspring of The Fab Five. When the wonderful Wanda Ray Willis, who has portrayed Dorothy Dandridge on stage in “Lonely Girl” and in the musical “A Walk In Dorothy Dandridge’s Shoes”, began participating in some of the rehearsals, Rohn suggested that they should develop a Musical Revue. Rohn and Wanda made contributions to the song selections, added verses and stories written by Rohn, which resulted in a mixture of music, mirth and verse. Martin Betz, Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts Manager says, “It’s a marvelous mixture of music, mirth and verse…” Eilen Stewart, Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts Exhibitions and Ceramics supervisor adds, “This is a funky kind of Revue. In addition to a Trio, Singing, Poetry and a little humor, Wanda and Warren offer a snippet of a few dance steps.” They have performed in many other cities and we are delighted to have them perform in the city of Manhattan Beach. This event is free to the public. For further information contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (310) 802-5448 or via email at

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