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Liz Pryor, author of "Look At You Now" at {pages}

in conversation with Patti Hawn

For readers of "Orange Is the New Black", a riveting memoir about a lifelong secret and a girl finding strength in the most unlikely place. 
In 1979, Liz Pryor is a seventeen-year-old girl from a good family in the wealthy Chicago suburbs. Halfway through her senior year of high school, she discovers that she is pregnant a fact her parents are determined to keep a secret, forever. Her mother drops her off at what Liz thinks is a Catholic home for unwed mothers but which is, in truth, a locked government-run facility for delinquent pregnant teenage girls. But over the next six months, Liz develops a surprising bond with the other girls. Told with tenderness, humor, and an open heart, this is a deeply moving story about the most vulnerable moments in our lives. RSVPs are appreciated. Call or email

Date & Time

July 7, 2016

7:00PM - 8:30PM

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