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Gwendolyn Womack, author of "The Memory Painter" visits {pages}
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Two lovers who have traveled across time. A team of scientists at the cutting edge of memory research. A miracle drug that unlocks an ancient mystery. Bryan Pierce is an internationally famous artist whose paintings have dazzled the world. But there’s a secret to his success: Every canvas is inspired by an unusually vivid dream. Linz Jacobs is a brilliant neurogeneticist, absorbed in decoding the genes that help the brain make memories, until she is confronted with an exact rendering of a recurring nightmare at one of Bryan’s shows. She tracks down the elusive artist, and their meeting triggers Bryan’s most powerful dream yet. A taut thriller and a timeless love story ensues spanning six continents and 10,000 years of history. This is a riveting debut novel, unlike any you’ve ever read. RSVP's are appreciated. Call 310-318-0900 or email

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Downtown Manhattan Beach

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