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Downtown Vision and Plan Public Meeting

The city and Urban Land Institute want your input to help create a plan for what will and won't be allowed downtown.

Overview: As the heart of our community, downtown is a key component of what makes Manhattan Beach such a desirable place to live, visit and conduct business. The downtown is a vibrant and charming destination for shopping, dining, and services. The city will be working with a consultant team, the community, and stakeholders to develop a Downtown Vision and Plan to maintain and enhance this quaint character, as well as encourage business success. Urban Land Institute Study: During the week of January 12, 2015 to January 16, 2015, the City, in collaboration with Urban Land Institute (ULI), will hold a five-day Advisory Panel comprised of various land use experts to engage community stakeholders and evaluate the downtown area. The purpose of this engagement process is to ensure the Downtown area maintains and enhances its unique, quaint character and encourages business success. The Jan. 12th meeting consists of a briefing, tour, and evening public reception (refreshments will be served). If you are unable to attend, there is an online form you can fill out and submit to aid in the process ULI and the city will use. It is at this URL: If you have questions, call Nhung Madrid at the phone number listed below or email her at

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