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Opening Reception: Morphologizing

Opening Reception: May 3rd, 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition Dates: May 3rd-June 16th

The Manhattan Beach Art Center (MBAC) presents Morphologizing, an exhibition of work by Jonathan Keep, Dino Capaldi, Alec Lindsey, Karen Koblitz and more. 

The artists and work featured in the exhibition encourage observers to consider each and every part, feature, and aspect of ceramic objects. They push our understanding of pottery and its relationship to art, culture, and society. Comprised of pieces from a variety of locations, time periods, and cultural perspectives, Morphologizing offers a dynamic view of pottery-making and its innumerable intersections with our daily lives.

Jonathan Keep is an independent practicing artist and a leading expert of studio based ceramic 3D printing. His Curve Series is a body of pottery based on the deceptively complex concept of the curve. Generated by computer code, his pottery explores the structures, proportions, ratios and relationships that define curves and how digital code mimics patterns and growth structures in the natural world. 

Dino Capaldi is an emerging artist whose work challenges our understanding of traditional pottery. Utilizing local beach sand in his sculptures, Dino creates molten surfaces that obscure traditional practices while commenting on the material nature of clay.

Alec Lindsey Serving as both a backdrop for the show and an object of inquiry, Alec Lindsey’s body of work expounds upon the conceptual idea of morphologizing. As an artist who draws from digital design to create paintings, murals, and digital prints, Lindsey’s images focus on morphologies of the natural world. 

Karen Koblitz pays homage to the functional roots of ceramics while elaborating on historical and decorative elements. In her work titled Globalization #4, Koblitz features images of popular culture presented within the context of historical pottery shapes and surface designs.

Date & Time

May 3, 2019

6:00PM - 9:00PM

Add to Calendar 05/03/201906:00 PM 05/03/201909:00 PM America/Los_Angeles Opening Reception: Morphologizing Opening Reception: May 3rd, 6pm – 9pmExhibition Dates: May 3rd-June 16thThe Manhattan Beach Art Center (MBAC) presents Morphologizing, an exhibition of work... More info at Manhattan Beach Art Center 1560 Manhattan Beach Blvd. , Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 axEakIwmdzNKaowyWmiv58927


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