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'Elevate Your Takeout' With Caviar from The Arthur J

Aug 30, 2020 08:49AM ● By Jeanne Fratello
There's takeout, and then there's *next level* takeout. That's the idea behind the new caviar package from The Arthur J in Manhattan Beach.

The Arthur J's new Oscietra Caviar Service includes 1 oz. Royal Golden oscietra caviar with all the traditional accoutrements: buckwheat blinis, pommes gaufrettes (thinly sliced and fried potatoes), créme fraîche, sieved egg, red onion, and chives.

The service even comes with a mother of pearl spoon, which is the preferred way to serve caviar (a metal spoon is said to distort the taste).

The package is available ready to go for $150. Have your Champagne chilled, and you can enjoy your own personal Arthur J-style night at home.

"We saw a need for something a little more elevated than your average takeout meal, like something that you could order and enjoy at home for your anniversary or maybe your birthday," Chef David LeFevre told DigMB. "At the same time, it's one of those sensuous foods that we would hope everyone got a chance to experience at least once in their lifetime. Play some music, pour a glass of Champagne, and really savor each bite."

Why oscietra caviar? Also known as oscetra, ossetra, or asetra, it's one of the most prized caviars in the world. 

"Oscietra caviar is premium grade," said LeFevre. "The caviar bursts with flavor, and has a lovely texture that makes it stand out nicely against the backdrop of all of the accompaniments."

To order for takeout - or to order an Arthur J family meal, visit The Arthur J online ordering page. 

Note: If you want to enjoy the caviar, but you'd rather have someone serving it to you, you can order it at The Arthur J to eat at the outdoor patio as well.

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