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'Dragon Tale' Sculpture Installed on Greenbelt

Sep 26, 2019 11:06PM ● By Jeanne Fratello
Public art came to the Greenbelt on Thursday, as the popular sculpture "Dragon Tale" was installed on the grassy strip between Ardmore and Valley at 2nd Street.

The sculpture had stood for two years at Metlox Plaza as part of the city's Sculpture Garden program. It had come to be a well-known landmark in the center of the weekly Manhattan Beach Farmers Market

The sculpture was created by the husband and wife team of Rick Randall and Jaydon Sterling, who are known for whimsical kinetic wind powered sculptures. Dragon Tale, which is made using plasma cut steel, features a gold ribbon and bright purple "dragon tales" that spin in the wind.

In December 2018, the city agreed to purchase the sculpture (it had been on lease) for $13,500 plus $5,000 for installation costs, said Martin Betz, cultural arts manager for the city of Manhattan Beach. 

After the sculpture was removed from Metlox, Randall and Sterling brought the sculpture back to the studio to clean it and create a new base for its new home on the Greenbelt.

Manhattan Beach's Sculpture Garden Program originated in 2009 as a series of temporary biennial exhibitions. The program offer artists a unique opportunity to showcase their original sculptural work to the Manhattan Beach community and its thousands of visitors.

There will be a new piece installed at Metlox Plaza in the next few months by artists Nico and John Mayer, according to Betz. 

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