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Manhattan Beach Introduces New City Logo

Aug 01, 2019 09:20AM ● By Jeanne Fratello
The city of Manhattan Beach has a fresh new look, in the form of an official city logo that was formally introduced this week.

The new logo - the city's first - will be used for external communications and branding. The Manhattan Beach city seal will continue to be used for official documents.

You'll be seeing lots of this logo all around town, as the city promotes the image with stickers and other merchandise. A variety of city logo-branded items will be sold at Manhattan Beach City Hall and at future pop-up opportunities around town.

Use of Logo

The city seal will continue to be used as a symbol of authority on official documents, such as proclamations, certificates, reports to City Council, and official letters and memos.

The city logo will be used for external communications, the city website, social media, city staff email signatures, informal memos, letterhead, newsletters, promotional and marketing materials, signage, uniforms, sponsorships of events, and city merchandise.

"This marks the most dramatic change in the city's visual identity since 1961, when the current city seal was adopted," said Manhattan Beach city leaders in a written statement. "The logo is intended to capture the spirit of the community in a way that resonates with residents and is attractive to businesses and visitors while complementing the city seal."

Team Effort

The logo design project was led by Jessica Vincent, a recreation services manager with the city. The design committee consisted of Vincent; Beta Ealy, branding project coordinator; former Mayor Steve Napolitano; and former Councilmember Amy Howorth.

Vincent then worked with Jojo Cortez, media and marketing coordinator for the Department of Parks and Recreation, to create the artwork for the logo.

The final version was approved by City Council in February 2019.

City Merchandise

If you love the new logo, you can get it in sticker form by stopping by City Hall (at the Department of Parks and Recreation).

The department will also sell a variety of items including quality coasters, shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and coffee mugs.

"We plan to incorporate in additional items seasonally and host pop-up shops during special events in the future," said Vincent. "Long term, we plan to collaborate with local shops to use the logo to sell official city merchandise in their stores."

Logos are increasingly becoming a popular way for cities and organizations to "brand" themselves in external communications. This is the first official logo for the City of Manhattan Beach. The city's official seal has been used since 1961.

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