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New '5 Wisdoms' Exhibit Features Locals and Their Wisdom

Jul 22, 2019 09:21AM ● By Jeanne Fratello

Kostas, one of the interview subjects of the 5 Wisdoms Project. Photo via Corinne Rushing

Have you seen The Five Wisdoms Project yet? Whether you've visited this unique photography exhibit or not, an entirely new set of "wisdoms" are now on display at Suite 6 Gallery in Manhattan Beach. 

The Five Wisdoms Project is the brainchild of Manhattan Beach-based photographer Corinne Rushing. She takes portraits and interviews her subjects about their "rules for life."

Rushing started the project after meeting a 92-year-old man named Noble, who shared five pieces of wisdom with her. She took his portrait and shared his insights on Instagram. After expanding the project, she has taken more than 200 portraits and interviewed subjects all over the world.

A first round of the exhibit hung in Suite 6 starting last month. As of today, an entirely new set of photos and interviews will be on display. 

"I've re-hung the entire installation, featuring 12 new people and their wisdoms," said Rushing. "Three of the new people are Two Guns employees. Five are local business people - two who work in local family businesses, two that have their own studio/stores where they hand make products, and one who made a a really successful business out of her passion/hobby of letterpress printing. Also included is a cancer survivor, a homeless man who lives in Venice Beach, a street market merchant from Morocco and an 11-year old boy."

Rushing said that the response so far has been "amazing." 

"I'm always really moved when I walk in and see a compete stranger leaning in to really read the wisdoms that are on the wall," she said. "A lot of people have told me that the book has really inspired them, and that they've read and re-read every page. It was amazing to watch Daniella, a little girl who I featured in the first phase of the exhibit, walk through the exhibit and read every single piece. I'm feeling really grateful for all this. I just think people love to be heard, and they often tell me how honored they feel when I interview them."

The Suite 6 exhibit also features a "tree of wisdom" that invites visitors to write a piece of wisdom on a leaf and hang it on a tree. So many people have shared insights that Rushing has run out of room on the tree and has started stringing the leaves across the front window of the gallery.

Rushing says that she takes something away from every interview she's done.

"One that's really profound for me comes from an artist named Teresa - who is a cancer survivor who changed a lot about her life when her sister died of cancer at 42," said Rushing. "She promised her sister she'd live differently, and started focusing completely on making and teaching art full time. When Teresa was diagnosed herself at age 70, she ramped it up even more, drawing and painting every single day. She told me she didn't want to die with her art still inside her. I think about that all the time, and it's really inspired me to push my own art further and further. Teresa survived her cancer, by the way-- and she's still drawing and painting every day."

The viewing hours for the exhibit at Suite 6 Gallery are 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m, Monday through Friday; and 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Rushing has also turned the project into a hardcover book, which features 184 pages of color portraits and shared wisdom. She will host a book signing and Q-and-A on Saturday, July 27 at 3:00 p.m.

Suite 6 Gallery is located at 350 N. Sepulveda Blvd. next to Two Guns Espresso.

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