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S-Club Brings High-End Fitness, Recovery to Manhattan Beach

May 29, 2019 09:20PM ● By Jeanne Fratello

Photo via S-Club Fitness

Manhattan Beach, are you ready to take your athleticism to the next level? Check out S-Club Fitness, a new athletic fitness and recovery center that opens Friday in downtown Manhattan Beach.

S-Club Fitness, which aims to provide "the ultimate sports spa experience," offers a workout and recovery system based on the systems used by professional athletes.

"When business professionals get off work, they can unwind and go for a drink together as a group. When athletic-minded people finish a workout, there is not a similar place for them. Enter S-Club," said Steffan Jones, the club's senior marketing manager. "S-Club is designed to be a high-end luxury hangout spot for health advocates, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or just the casual gym-goer."

All fitness levels are welcome, said Jones. "Our goal is to help aid in whatever fitness routine someone has. We encourage everyone to try our Styku [body scanner] machine when they come in so that they can get an accurate 3D rendering of what they look like. From there, one of our certified personal trainers can help advise on what the necessary steps are to achieve their fitness goals." 

The "ZoneFlow" circuit involves a series of ten body heating and cooling zones. It was created by S-Club co-founder Marco Nunez, who is a former head athletic trainer for the LA Lakers.

The "zones" begin with a 3-D body scanner, and then move on to a hydration station, a Clearlight infrared sauna, Cybex spinning, water rowing, a VersaClimber, HyperIce (foam roller), Normatec (compression), cryosauna, and then hydration and kinesiotape.

Participants can come in for either a workout plus recovery, or just for recovery, said Jones. "Our ZoneFlow system is designed to activate your muscles through a twelve-minute low-impact, high-intensity workout. Once your muscles are activated, it allows a deeper more effective recovery process. This method is usually preferred on an 'off' day from a usual workout. Our second option is our Passive Recovery. This is intended for people who just finished a workout and would like to come in for a more mellow and relaxing cool-down session."

S-Club membership is available at a variety of levels, and a la carte services and personal training are also available.

The club will hold a grand opening event all day on Friday with a variety of giveaways, promotions, and raffles; and an official ribbon cutting and party at 5:00 p.m. Register for the event here.

S-Club is located at 1112 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach. 310-299-1555.

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