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'Best of Manhattan' Showcases Women-Owned Businesses

Oct 17, 2017 10:07PM ● By Jeanne Fratello
As women-owned businesses in Manhattan Beach continue to thrive, the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce this year is recognizing them as a category unto themselves for the first time. The chamber has named four finalists, who will be honored at the "Best of Manhattan" awards event on Thursday night.

"With so many women-owned businesses in Manhattan Beach, we felt the Best of Manhattan Awards would be a fantastic opportunity to recognize these outstanding businesses," said Jill Brunkhardt, the chair of the Best of Manhattan committee. "We try to change the awards up each year, and we felt this year was the right time for this award. We are really excited about recognizing all of this year's nominees and winners."

In the spotlight this year are four popular women-owned Manhattan Beach businesses: Blink Studio, Chase Law Group, Fit On Studios, and Trilogy Spa.

"Manhattan Beach has a vibrant business climate for all business owners, and particularly for women-owned businesses," said DeAnn Chase, owner of Chase Law Group. "We have a supportive community that understands the importance of shopping locally, many of our local businesses are owned by women, and women are increasingly starting their own businesses."

Angela Bennett, co-owner of Fit On Studios, agreed. "The climate for women-owned business in Manhattan Beach is healthy and supportive. We have great relationships with Aqua Salon, Trilogy Spa, pages: a bookstore, and Tabula Rasa  - just to name a few women-owned businesses. We share ideas and we support each others' businesses."

Chandra Shaw, owner of Trilogy Spa, called Manhattan Beach "the best place to do business."

"Not only do we have a great community and clients, but we have an incredible group of business owners supporting each another," said Shaw. "I feel super fortunate to work together with the hard-working and inspiring business women in our community."

Karla Salguero, co-owner of Blink Studio with her sister Cindy Strom, agreed.
"Growing up with only sisters we were raised to support each other and always have the other's back," said Salguero. "Starting our small business in Manhattan Beach has opened our sisterhood and family to a larger group of women who collaborate and work together to grow. I think that this is what makes small women owned businesses flourish in this town."

To any woman looking to start a new business in Manhattan Beach, Bennett of Fit On Studios advised, "
Go for it! Don't be afraid to ask your friends for help. Women love coming together to support each other."

Blink Studio's Salguero had a similar outlook. "
There is definitely a place for more of us in the women-owned businesses of Manhattan Beach. The only advice I would give is the one embedded through our childhood, which was to grow by lifting others. You lift other people as you climb to the top and in the end the result is a stronger platform for success."

Trilogy's Shaw added that her advice would be to build the best team possible. "It's hard to do business in California, but if you're lucky enough to do what you love, make sure you have the best people around you. Our success is solely because of our incredible Trilogy family."

For new business owners - men or women - Chase of Chase Law Group recommended seeking
legal counsel before starting a business. "A 30-minute consultation with a business attorney can save them hours and hours of research, and avoid future disputes with business partners and clients," she said.

Chase added: "I would also tell them to attend events hosted by the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, and get to know as many local business owners as possible.  People in our community are very supportive, and will take time out of their busy schedules to grab a cup of coffee and mentor new business owners."

The finalists will be honored at the Best of Manhattan awards starting at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday night at Verandas Beach House.

The finalists will be honored in the following categories:
Best of Manhattan Award
Manhattan Beach Toyota
Simms Restaurant Group
Zislis Group
Making a Difference Award
Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF)
South Bay Families Connected
Walk with Sally
Neptunian Woman's Club
Home Sweet Home
Terri Dunn, RE/MAX
Steve Heavrin, Palm Realty Boutique
Greg Geilman, RE/MAX
Matt Morris, Matt Morris Development
Tony Barberi, RE/MAX
Shop MB
Tabula Rasa Essentials
Gum Tree
The Beehive
GROW The Produce Shop
Small and Mighty
Puttin' on Productions (POPS)
{pages} a bookstore
The Graphic Element
The Ripe Choice
Sand Spa
Healthy Living
Afterburn Fitness
Kreation Organic Juicery
SunLife Organics
Tone It Up
Pressed Juicery
Woman Owned Business
Blink Studio
Chase Law Group
Fit On Studios
Trilogy Spa
Dine MB
Manhattan Beach Post (MB Post)
The Strand House
Love & Salt
Mangiamo Ristorante & Bar
Nick's Manhattan Beach
Outstanding Recognition Awards 
Man's Best Friend: Bay Animal Hospital
Best Cocktail: The Strand House
Legendary MB: The Kettle
Hidden Gem: Puttin' On Productions (POPS)
Kids Matter Too: Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation Department
Home Away From Home: Shade Hotel
Make Me Beautiful: Aqua Salon

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