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MB Students Talk to Space Station

Sep 08, 2017 08:09AM ● By Dig Mb Staff
Manhattan Beach elementary school students spoke live Friday to Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli while he was on board the International Space Station. 

An archived YouTube live stream of the conversation is at the link below, or use the player within this post on DigMB (at the bottom):

The conversation with astronaut Nespoli ran about 10 minutes.

The live stream began about 30 minutes early. The link above and video below both skip the preliminaries and will begin immediately at the moment of first contact with the Space Station.

First contact with the Space Station is made at 29:50, beginning a 10-minute discussion. Students came with 18 questions and Ms. Michael was able to ask 5 more.

At 31:15, Laila asks, "How do you eat without your food flying away?" The astronaut's answer prompted some giggles.

You can go back to 8:45 to hear the initial presentation by Meadows science teacher Joanne Michael, who organized the event.

At 12:50, Ms. Michael introduces the 9 students chosen to ask questions of the astronaut.

At 24:20, there is a brief video by another astronaut explaining how the space station makes a HAM radio connection to earth-bound students for Q & A sessions like today's.

Enjoy all of the Q & A and a view of some of the HAM radio equipment toward the end of the stream.

Ms. Michael has helped organize other special and innovative experiences for local students. Earlier this year, she supervised a weather balloon launch by students. The balloon rose 110,000 feet above Earth, snapping photos and video. See DigMB's post and video in "MB Students' Balloon Rises 21 Miles."

She got a lot of support this time from HAM radio operators and many others to put on a "once in a lifetime" event.

The Space Station visit was made possible through grants from the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF) for science specialists and through the Teachers Driving Innovation program.

See the YouTube live stream of the Q&A with the astronaut here.

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