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Sand Castle Design Contest Brings Out Friendly Competitors

Aug 09, 2017 10:36PM ● By Jeanne Fratello
A giant whale, Spongebob, and a dream palace were just a few of the eye-catching creations at the 57th annual Sand Castle Design Contest, which was held on Sunday as part of the International Surf Festival.

The contest, sponsored by the City of Manhattan Beach Department of Parks and Recreation, featured prizes to local businesses donated by More than 80 builders participated in the contest, with nearly three times as many spectators looking on.

Individual winners included: For 12 and under individuals: Evgeniia Zhenikhova with Sand Castle; For 13 and over individuals: 1st place - Franciscus Tobias with Whale on the Beach; 2nd place - Yudhi Stira with 100 Room Palace; 3rd place - Jim Aldinger with Damsel in Distress.

Group winners included: For 17 and under groups: 1st place - Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob and Patrick; 2nd place - Double A-Addison and Alyssa with Mt. Vesuvius. For all-ages group (a category that attracted 10 groups): 1st place - Castle Ciao; 2nd place - The Tortoise Sculpture; 3rd place - Sea Friends Sand Castle; 4th place - Castle Byrne; and 5th place - Honolulu Turtle.

A full gallery of pictures is below.

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