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'Meditation Flash Mob' Planned for Manhattan Beach

Feb 03, 2017 08:37AM ● By Jeanne Fratello
Sunday morning will begin with a "Meditation Flash Mob' on the Manhattan Beach Pier, bringing together yogis from around the South Bay in support of "peace, love, and sanity."

"This is a chance to slow down, get quiet and create a wave of consciousness- to literally sit on  the pier in this 'sea of humanity' and show signs of positivity," said Suzy Nece, owner of the Yoga Loft and organizer of the event.

Participants will line the pier starting at 10:30 a.m. with fresh flowers in hand. There will be an opportunity for silent meditation, or for chanting accompanied by drums and a gong. Following the chants and meditation, participants will drop the flowers in the ocean to "send peace out to our brothers and sisters over the water, across the country and across the world."

A beach cleanup starting at noon will follow the meditation event.

"There is so much noise out there right now - so much fear," said Nece. "I wanted to create a peaceful opportunity for my daughter to feel how much people care and how strong we are when we gather our energy. The issues really are all the same - We have to love, respect and protect all people and this precious earth that we have been gifted to leave our children."

Attendees are welcome to bring signs, but are asked to bring only those signs with positive messaging along the lines of "One Universal Family," "Love Is Love," "One Race The Human Race," "Water Is Life," or "Love Is My Religion."

"We all need yoga - we need meditation - we need community- we need sanity - we need to move inward ... to create some peace and some unwavering steadiness within so we can be part of the solution," said Nece. "In short, our yoga tribe - our universal family - is trying to gather for the greater good and spread some love - it is the strongest vibration. We meet the darkness with light and the hate with love." 

"Please bring good vibes only," added Nece. "It's not politics; it's humanity."

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