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GROW Hosts Annual Pumpkin Guess-A-Roo

Oct 10, 2016 09:06AM ● By Jeanne Fratello
How much is that giant pumpkin in the window at GROW The Produce Shop? If you can guess how much it weighs, it can be yours, during GROW's 11th annual Guess-A-Roo giant pumpkin contest.

The bright orange behemoth sits just inside the front window at GROW. Check it out (no lifting allowed!), write your guess and your contact information on a piece of paper, and submit it. GROW will accept guesses up until Thursday, October 27, and then will deliver it to the winner on Friday, October 28.

The contest is always entertaining, according to GROW owner Barry Fisher, who says he loves seeing little kids come in and make outlandish guesses ("4,000 pounds?"). 

"One guy was in the store with his girlfriend and picked up the pumpkin and said, '120 lbs,'" said Fisher. "His guess was too high, but she was impressed."

Fisher added, "
The best was a little boy who measured the height of the pumpkin putting one fist on top of the other until he had the number of 'fists' high: 32. He then said, 'My fist weights 1 lb, so the pumpkin weighs 32 lbs.'  I wanted to load it into his car that second."

Want to win the pumpkin? Your guess is as good as anyone's!

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