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Manhattan Denim Hosts Louisiana Denim Drive

Aug 23, 2016 06:52AM ● By Jeanne Fratello
Do good with denim: Manhattan Denim is currently collecting your gently used denim to send to relief efforts for the victims of the Louisiana flooding.

The denim drive - led by Manhattan Denim owner Tiffany Mesko, a Louisiana native - will continue from now through the end of August. The store is accepting donations in all sizes for men, women, and children.

"I hear daily how people are struggling, and I haven't seen much media coverage," said Mesko. "My culture is made up of an incredibly strong and resilient people. They truly know the meaning of hard work, and lending a helping hand. My people are warm and welcoming, and believe in making the best of every situation and enjoying life."

Mesko continued: "Even so, I believe a natural disaster of such magnitude has the ability to break the unbreakable. It saddens me to imagine so many people who have to start all over again to build a life they worked so hard for."

She said that the idea for the "Denim Drive" came to her one morning as she tried to think of what she could do to help. "I could've collected all different articles of clothing, but denim is what I know best," she said. "Also, it's a more expensive article of clothing in most cases, so it's more difficult to replace if you've lost everything and have to rebuild."

Mesko has been working closely with her mother in Louisiana to build lists of donation centers that will take the denim. (She is avoiding donating to centers that will charge people for the items.) She notes that there are several centers that have lists of neighborhoods that have been affected dramatically, and if a person can show proof of residence in those neighborhoods, they are given free clothing.

She estimated that she has received about 100 pairs of jeans so far, from infant to adult, but she would be happy to be overwhelmed with donations. "I think it would be fantastic if I had to rent a U-Haul to drive cross country to hand-deliver them," she said with a smile.

The catastrophic flooding that devastated Louisiana has been declared the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. At least 13 people have died and thousands have been forced to leave their homes.

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