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Open City Hall: Weigh in on the Beach Rental Kiosk

Feb 01, 2016 08:34AM ● By Jeanne Fratello
When the crowds hit the beach this summer, where's the best place for them to head for beach rentals? That's the question that the city of Manhattan Beach wants you to help answer, through its new Open City Hall poll.

Respondents are asked to rank their choice of three locations near the Manhattan Beach Pier to place a temporary beach rental kiosk. The three choices are the at the base of the pier, on the north side of the pier near the restrooms at the "comfort alcove," or south of the pier in the sand. For a full picture of each of the three options, view the .pdf here.

At the February 2 city council meeting, a staff report will be presented recommending the consideration of a Coastal Development Permit for Nikau Kai Waterman Shop to operate the beach rental kiosk from April 1st through Labor Day 2016. The proposed program will be a temporary facility for public information and bike, board, and other beach item rentals.

The city partnered with Nikau Kai in summer 2015 to conduct a trial beach rental kiosk program.

Want to weigh in with more detailed comments? You may also send your response to

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