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See the First Sunset Through 'Light Gate'

Nov 13, 2015 09:38AM ● By DigMB Staff
Twice a year, the sun will set perfectly through the "keyhole" of the new "Light Gate" public art project situated just outside Manhattan Beach City Hall. 

Satruday night's sunset will be the first to do so since Light Gate was formally dedicated in February this year. Sunset will be at 4:50 PM.

Light Gate, designed by Mags Harries and Lajos Héder, was selected by the cultural arts commission and city council as the Manhattan Beach Centennial Art piece.

According to Cultural Arts Commissioner Peter DeMaria, "The Light Gate pays homage to the Civic Center while it concurrently serves as a gateway, oculus and lens to the horizon; where the ocean meets the sky."

DeMaria continued, "The idea that a work of art can perfectly capture and frame the sunset on a specific day each year, is quite overwhelming - much like the work of Leonardo DaVinci, it lies at the intersection of art, science and nature." 

The sun will be framed perfectly by Light Gate twice each year, January 27th and November 14th. As noted, this Nov. 14 sunset is to be the first since the work was installed and dedicated.

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