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Downtown Businesses Pay For Uber During Construction

Oct 21, 2015 11:05AM ● By Jeanne Fratello
Is the roadwork in downtown Manhattan Beach making it hard for you to get your regular shopping done? Not to worry; a select group of shops will reimburse you for your Uber trip if you come in and shop with them during construction.

Here's how it works: Ride an Uber into downtown Manhattan Beach, shop, and upon checkout show your receipt (on your phone) and that store will pay for your ride. Each store has its own minimum purchase and maximum fare that they will pay.

Participating businesses include:

The idea came from Beehive & Wright’s owners Nancy and Dana McFarland, according to Kelly Stroman, executive director of the Downtown Manhattan Beach Business and Professional's Association.

"Despite our parking and current construction issues we really need to help customers to think out of the box - and maybe slightly out of their comfort zones - to indulge in public transpiration options," said Stroman.

The Uber offer will last for about two more weeks, or until construction is finished, added Stroman, who notes that businesses simply want customers to continue to "come on down."

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