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MBPD Holds Child Safety Event at Manhattan Beach Farmers Market

Jun 16, 2015 04:04PM ● By DigMB Staff

A young boy smiles for the camera as volunteers take his photo during the police department's child safety event.

Parents/guardians can learn more about how to protect their children during the Manhattan Beach Police Department's annual Child Safety and Fingerprint Event on Tuesday, June 23 at the Manhattan Beach Farmers Market from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

MBPD staff and department volunteers will be on hand to fingerprint and photograph children and provide information on child safety. MBPD Officer Stephanie Martin says children, from toddlers to elementary/middle school, should be fingerprinted/photographed annually. 

"We provide the parent/guardian with an ID Kit, which holds the prints, photo, and personal identification information for the child," she says. "All the info is held by the parent/guardian, preferably in a secure location. However, when traveling, it is best to keep it with travel documents (i.e., a condensed  version with print card/DNA sample/updated photo). 

"The purpose (of having a fingerprint and photo ID of a child) is to prepare for the day you hope never ever comes. In the case of a disappearance, it is just one less step in the process and helps with identification, should a recovery be made."

The event is also geared for anyone who'd like to talk with MBPD police officers. 

MBPD offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, and individuals interested in learning more about them, including the Neighborhood Watch and Victim Assistance programs and the Police Support Volunteers, can stop by the booth area for literature and to ask questions.

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