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OMBeach Yoga Event to Headline Yoga Festival

Apr 13, 2015 09:38PM ● By Jeanne Fratello
Whether you're a yoga devotee or simply curious about yoga, the OMBeach event at Polliwog Park on May 9 will give you a chance to explore the ancient discipline and support a good cause in the process.

South Bay Yoga Tribe in the Park, which will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., will offer participants from all levels an opportunity to quiet the mind and inspire the body through breath and movement and live music. Proceeds from the event will go to OMBeach, a non-profit founded by Manhattan Beach yoga instructor Tiffany Friedman to help cancer patients with out-of-pocket expenses.

"It is an amazing experience, to connect body, mind and spirit and I cannot think of a better place to do this," said Friedman, the director of Haute Yogi Manhattan Beach, who partnered with the City of Manhattan Beach to produce the event.

"We will begin with an intention setting meditation and mindful movement warm up - in this case we are dedicating this class to patients fighting cancer in our community," said Friedman. "We will introduce different styles and techniques of yoga asana during the hour long practice and will close the practice with a 15 minute yoga nidra meditation followed by a sound bath. A sound bath is an amazing experience with Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, flutes and various other instruments."

Participants will also receive a special "gift of gratitude" from Manduka and Onzie Yoga Apparel

The coed event, which is open to participants ages 8 and up, has space for 200 and is expected to sell out. Registration is $35 and is available through the City of Manhattan Beach activities registration.

The event is deeply meaningful to Friedman, a cancer survivor herself, who created the nonprofit OMBeach last year after she saw how stressful and burdensome the expenses of going through cancer treatment can be. "
I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and have experienced firsthand the costs associated with treatment. There are programs for the poor, but for the regular working middle class person the costs can become a source of stress," she said.

The OMBeach event
will be the lead-off attraction of Manhattan Beach's first annual yoga festival, the Feelgood Festival, offering a day filled with yoga in the park, live music, food and arts and crafts.

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