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Fresh Brothers Offers Matzah Pizza for Passover

Mar 31, 2015 10:14PM ● By Jeanne Fratello
If you're observing the Passover season by eating matzah, or if you're just hungering for a light and crispy pizza variation, Fresh Brothers is the place for you. Now, for the third year running, the Manhattan Beach-based pizza restaurant will offer a matzah pizza option through April 11.

"We have lots of loyal customers who observe Passover," said Adam Goldberg, founder and CEO of Fresh Brothers. "We wanted to give them an option."

Goldberg said that the idea for "Matzah Madness" came about when Fresh Brothers noticed a drop-off in orders during the Passover season, when many customers would stop ordering pizza in observance of the Passover tradition of eating only unleavened bread products.

"As a kid, we used to make matzah pizza at home," says Goldberg. "I thought, why not just bring it into the shop? Many Jewish people are looking for a place to eat out during Passover."

Once Fresh Brothers started offering the matzah option, says Goldberg, "It was a huge success. We saw our numbers go the opposite way during the Passover season. They actually got stronger."

The matzah pizza is available in personal size only. Goldberg notes that the restaurant takes special care to use dedicated pans and knives for the matzah pizza so there is no overlap with the regular leavened pizza. Gluten-free matzah pizzas are also available.

Although the matzah pizzas will be on the official menu through April 11, they will likely be available for the rest of the month for the "stragglers" who heard about it too late or just happen to enjoy the matzah pizza, said Goldberg.

Goldberg added that the restaurant aims to please, whether its customers want regular pizza, matzah pizza, gluten-free pizza, vegan pizza, or any combination of sauces or toppings.

"We like to say there's no 'no' at Fresh Brothers," said Goldberg.

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