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A Big Week for Downtown MB 'Visions'

Jan 12, 2015 10:03AM ● By DigMB Staff
Urban planning is the hot topic in Manhattan Beach this week.

Specifically, the question is: What is your vision for downtown Manhattan Beach?

The city of Manhattan Beach has hired a consulting firm, the respected Urban Land Institute (ULI), to manage a process of collecting residents' visions and reporting them back in a systematic way.

Ultimately, the city council may use the results of this "visioning" process to set new standards for zoning or development in the downtown area. 

DigMB will be sharing what residents are saying and what the consultants report. But you can be a part of the process yourself. 

Monday night, from 6:00-8:00pm, come by the Joslyn Center for the "Public Reception," which promises an explanation of ULI's process and an opportunity for residents' input. 

On Tuesday, ULI is running a series of structured, confidential interviews with 100 residents who were nominated through an open process. 

Friday morning, residents will hear the results of all the discussion. Back again at the Joslyn Center, from 9:00-11:30am, there will be a presentation by ULI and its Advisory Panel, and a report will be delivered to the city. 

No one knows for sure where the discussion will lead, and whether it might result in any zoning changes or a "specific plan" for Manhattan Beach's downtown core. At this early stage, the city says, simply, "The purpose of this engagement process is to ensure the Downtown area maintains, and enhances its unique character and encourages business success."

Do you have a view on what that means? Come share it! 

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