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Free Parking for the Holidays in Manhattan Beach

Nov 30, 2014 04:44PM ● By DigMB Staff

Holiday shopping, strolling and eating just got better in downtown Manhattan Beach with the arrival of holiday parking meter bagging!

As of today, parking meters in downtown Manhattan Beach have been officially bagged for the holiday season, according to the Manhattan Beach Police Department. Parking meters in North Manhattan Beach and near the Manhattan Beach Marriott should be bagged by Wednesday. Free parking is available at bagged meters through Thursday, December 25.

Visitors still need to apply the parking time limit to their space; typically, two hours, or risk being liable for an “Over-Posted Limit” violation.

The state-owned parking meters at the Manhattan Beach Pier and Bruce's Beach lots, and the County-owned meters at the El Porto beach parking lot are not included in the meter bagging. 

Questions can be directed to the Manhattan Beach Police Department Parking and Animal Control Office at (310) 802-5160.

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