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Make Mine a Pier-nini

Nov 29, 2014 05:34PM ● By DigMB Staff
There are plenty of reasons to walk out to the end of the Manhattan Beach Pier, no matter the time of year. 

Now, there's one more: Good coffee joined by good food. 

Need a nibble or lunch? That's an option now, too.

Manhattan Beach Yacht Club, the whimsically named food stand in the Roundhouse, had already become a draw since the good folks at Two Guns Espresso took over the slot earlier this year. 

New to the Yacht Club's offerings: Hot soup and grilled, pressed panini. Both lunch items debuted Saturday after Thanksgiving.

DigMB popped by for a quick taste test. 

The butternut squash soup was thick and velvety, served in a bowl that, at first, seemed larger than our appetite. There was no problem at all finishing that delicious prelude.

Next came a grilled cheese panino with gruyere on sourdough. The attractive little sandwich was grilled perfectly crisp, with a satisfying snap to each bite and just enough character to that warm gruyere. Had we not already had a proper lunch, we would have been all over the more hearty panini – tomato and mozzarella with peppers, or ham and cheese. 

And you don't have to wait for lunch. The MBYC bacon and egg breakfast panini will be a great option for a late-morning pick-me-up.

Will our daily breakfast burrito meet its match? Stay tuned... 


Caption: Earlier in the day Saturday, Stan of MB Yacht Club handed out free soup and panini to lucky passersby.

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