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MB Runners Fare Well in MB 10K Run

Oct 04, 2014 07:46PM ● By Dig Mb Staff
David Cardona and D'Ann Arthur took first place in the men's and women's divisions in the 37th Manhattan Beach 10K Run Saturday morning in times of 32:59 and 34:10, respectively.

For Manhattan Beach residents Kate Myers and Brandon Shirazi, their claim to fame was crossing the finish line first among MB runners with times of 37:45 and 34:08, respectively.

But perhaps the biggest story was the 57 MB youngsters under 18 who placed in the top 10 in their age divisions.

Meghan Malik was the second youngest MB resident to cross the finish line and place in the top 10 in her age division. Other girls under 18 who place in the top 10 for their ages include Tilda Westerberg; Samantha Santa Ana; Alana Frank; Kate Donnelley; Lily Tucker; Jane Brownsen; Anna Chittenden; Natalie Lynch; Kieran Malik; Molly Trodd; Molly Roskin; Grace Vandoornewaard; Jenna Colligan; Cara Chittenden; Carmen Mel; Devin Landes; Nicole Poirier; Amanda Costley; Olivia Hacohen; Serene Azafrani; Emma Lautanen; Avery Ward; Amanda Han; Alexis Johnson; Simone Chen; Jessie Gregson-Williams; Melia Chittenden, and Eliza Murray.

Five-year-old Parker Husman was the youngest MB resident to finish the race and place in the top 10 in his age division. Other boys who placed in the top 10 for their ages include 
Austin Siddiqi; Jeffrey Grasso; Breccan Holman; Dashiell Brown; Alexander Benz; Max Levin; Matthew Cullen; Jake Spelke; Theodore Yang; Christian Penczar; Malcolm Cutler; Bradley Diaz; Christopher Shirzai; Cole Lewis; Dylan Hankamer; Cole Gamble; Alan Faber; Conor Beezhold; Cy Chittenden; Brandon Shirazi; Caleb Llorin; Bram Osterhout; David Hodges; Matthew O'Brien; John Wood; Andrew Costley, and Austin Lamb.

Chang Tsu of MB was the oldest runner to finish the race. The 93-year-old finished in 2:40:54.

Other MB adult racers to finish in the top 10 for their age include Herbert Harger; James Ryan; Richard Windishar; Richard Rodgers; William Sauber; Michael Castelli; Don Matso; Richard Maynard; Russell Noel; Wayne Losson; Bruce Timmer; John Clarke; John Mack; William Zeman; Don Jennings; Michael Moore; Richard Cole; Marty Friedman; Bill Hausch; David Dixon; Peter Joyce; Robert Vargo; John Peetz; Clifford Phillips; Peter Rech; Mark Ford; Michael Jenkins; Gary Rosen; Ron Holliday; Frederick Carr; Charles Kaminski; Brian Currey; Jim Newman; Mark Shalvarjian; Rick Dodson; Willis Longyear; John Moraytis; Matt Knight; Bartlett Mel; Ted Iantuono; Joshua Cooperman; John Bohan; James Baker; Eric Seltenrich; Joel Silva; Yves-Marc Courtines; Patrick Sweeney; David Ebenhack; Sterling Hathaway; David Louvet; Matthew Miller; Brian Fuerst; Timothy Burdiak; Sebastian Alberini; Gabriel Mel; Dillon Shambaugh; Steven Beuder, and Tyler Norden.

Manhattan Beach women who finished in the top 10 in their age divisions include Maddy Ward; Lauren Wellbaum; Abigail Napoli; Chelsea Strange; Caitlin Jennings; Kelly Gonzalez; Julia Zukmann; Christine Bolf; Maribeth Cunningham; Michelle Rakiec; Harriet Clark; Vanessa Hernandez; Rachel Wixom; Riscilla Christensen; Andrea King; Kaci Bacher; Kalley Aman; Juliet Ritchie; Alison Atkinson; Michelle Landes; Tiffany Chen; Diane Silva; Susan Rigler; Dolores Gamble; Emily Kennedy; Heidi Scheid; Mary Lively; Sheryl Thaler; Alexandra Hart; Nancy Wheeler; Mary Yep-Brown; Maureen Miller; Susie Moon; Sheila Daniel; Beth Robertson; Marge Schmale; Judith Carney; Terrie Mileski; Lynn Heiter; Carol Hull; Christina Matso; Charlotte Lesser; Ulla Arvidsson; Judith Ryan; Mary Sikonia; Joy Curry; Karen Profet; Brenda Haky; Carol Vedder; Virginia Gossard; Peggy Bartlerr, and Ann Martin.

Complete race results, with times, are here.

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