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Street Closures for the Hometown Fair/10K Run

Oct 02, 2014 12:02PM ● By DigMB Staff

The Manhattan Beach 10K Run and the Hometown Fair will close some city streets this weekend.

Roads will be closed beginning Friday, October 3 at 7 a.m. to accommodate the 37th Manhattan Beach 10K Run and 42nd Annual Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair.

At 7 a.m. Friday, Valley Drive from 15th Street to Blanche Road will be closed for fair preparations, and will remain closed until sometime after the fair ends on Sunday, October 5.

On Saturday, October 4, roads will be closed near the Manhattan Beach Pier for the 10K Run. Manhattan Beach Boulevard at Manhattan Avenue and Ocean Drive will be closed, as will Ocean Drive at Center Place, 12th Street, 11th Place, and 11th Street.

At 7, 7:15 and 7:30 a.m. Saturday, more 10K Run road closures will occur. They are, respectively:

  • Valley Drive/Francisco St.
  • Valley Drive/Homer St.
  • Ardmore Ave./Duncan Ave.
  • Ardmore Ave. /1st St. 
  • Valley Drive /1st St.
  • Ardmore Ave. /2nd St.
  • Valley Drive from 2nd St. to 10th Place 
  • Ardmore Ave. from 5th St. to 11th Place
  • Valley Dr.ive/Ardmore Ave. /MB Blvd. 

The following intersections close at 7:15 a.m.

  • Ardmore Ave. from 12th St. to 14th St. 
  • Valley Drive /13th St. (and 13th St./Morningside Drive) 
  • Valley Drive/Ardmore Ave./15th St. 
  • Crest Drive/15th St. 
  • Highland Ave./15th St. 
  • Highland Ave./14th Place
  • Highland Ave./14th St. 
  • Highland Ave./13th Place
  • Highland Ave./13th St. 
  • Highland Ave./12th St. 
  • Highland Ave./Center Place
  • Highland Ave./MB Blvd. 
  • MB Blvd./south side Morningside Drive and Von’s parking lot exits 
  • Ingleside Drive/3rd St. 
  • Morningside Drive/3rd St. 
  • Morningside Drive/2nd Place
  • Morningside Drive/2nd St. 
  • Morningside Drive/1st Place
  • Morningside Drive/1st St. 
  • Vista Drive/1st St. 
  • Ardmore Ave./17th St. 
  • Ardmore Ave./18th St. 
  • Ardmore Ave./19th St. 
  • Ardmore Ave./Flournoy Road
  • Ardmore Ave./Laurel Ave.
  • Ardmore Ave./Valley Drive/Pacific Ave.
  • Ardmore Ave./Poinsettia Ave. and Valley Drive/27th St. 
  • Valley Drive/Palm Ave.
  • Valley Drive/Maple Ave. 
  • Valley Drive/27th St.
  • Valley Drive/Laurel Ave. 
  • Valley Drive/Marine Ave. 
  • Valley Drive/Flournoy Road
  • Valley Drive/Blanche Road
  • Blanche Road/21st Place
  • Blanche Road/Marine Ave. 
  • Blanche Road/Marine Place
  • Blanche Road/23rd St. 
  • Blanche Road/23rd Place
  • Blanche Road/24th St. 
  • Blanche Road/25th St. 
  • Bell Ave./26th St. 
  • Bell Ave./27th St. 
  • Bell Ave./29th St. 
  • Bell Ave. from 33rd St. to 36th St. 

The following intersections close at 7:30 a.m.

  • Rosecrans Ave./Bell Ave. 
  • Rosecrans Ave./Vista Drive
  • Rosecrans Ave./Alma Ave. 
  • Rosecrans Ave./Crest Drive
  • Rosecrans Ave./Highland Ave. 
  • Rosecrans Ave./Bayview Drive
  • Rosecrans Ave./Manhattan Ave.
  • Manhattan Ave./36th Place
  • Manhattan Ave./36th St. 
  • Ocean Drive/36th St.
Roads closed for the 10K will re-open after the majority of runners pass through the affected areas.

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