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Howorth Applauded for Her Service as Mayor

Sep 16, 2014 07:58PM ● By DigMB Staff

Manhattan Beach City Council member Amy Howorth.

During its meeting Tuesday night, the Manhattan Beach City Council bid adieu to Mayor Amy Howorth with festivities that were lighthearted yet heartfelt.

Howorth, who began her mayorship on December 17 last year, is known for her wit, graciousness and intelligence, and was feted by fellow council members, including new Mayor Wayne Powell.

"You served as mayor in an exemplary fashion," said Powell, who as a two-term City Council member begins his second mayorship. "You were fair to everyone who came and spoke at this council meeting, you raised the bar for future mayors..."

Howorth, who was elected two times to the Board of Trustees of the Manhattan Beach Unified School District before being elected to city council, and ran for the California State Senate earlier this year, told DigMB before the council meeting that she would run for a second term on city council. The election will be in March.

"I do plan on running for city council," she said. "There are still more things I want to get done and it is just really great to get to be such a part of the community. I am grateful the residents let me do my part."

Howorth told DigMB, "I love the work. I love the way people are so engaged and actually come up and thank you for your service. The mayor does set a tone overall in the community and I hope I was successful in creating a positive, welcoming atmosphere."

With her characteristic sense of humor intact, she said, "The city's future is in great shape. We are embarking on discussions for the vision of our downtown, our finances are in good shape, and we have some great new senior staff in place. If we could lower the temperature a few degrees, that would be nice."

"I am proud that we handled the transition from City Manager Dave Carmany to John Jalili to Mark Danaj in a timely and effective manner. The night I became mayor, I stated that I did not have any ambitious new initiatives and  that my only hope and goal was to hire a new, great city manager with as little disruption to the staff and community as possible. We did that."

New Mayor Pro Tem Mark Burton presented Howorth with a Certificate of Commendation from her council colleagues, saying the outgoing mayor "has exercised leadership in establishing the professional precepts of the position of mayor; has possessed the outstanding qualities of integrity, unselfishness, concern and devotion; has truly been an asset to her colleagues, and has benefitted the citizens of Manhattan Beach immensely..."

Assembly member Al Muratsuchi also publicly commended Howorth, as did Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe's Senior Deputy Steve Napolitano, a former MB mayor.

Other former MB mayors in attendance Tuesday night for the ceremony included Walt Dougher, Mitch Ward, Tim Lilligren, and Russ Lesser. MBUSD Superintendent Mike Matthews, current MBUSD board member Christine Cronin-Hurst and former MBUSD board member Nancy Hersman were present.

In Manhattan Beach, each of the five city council members takes a turn as mayor and mayor pro tem. Tuesday night, in addition to Powell's new mayorship, Burton was unanimously voted in to serve as mayor pro tem.

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