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MB/HB Boys Miss World Series Finals by One Game

Aug 16, 2014 04:34PM ● By Dig Mb Staff

A Manhattan Beach/Hermosa Beach Junior League All Star gets back to the bag safely against a Texas team.

One hit and two runs were the only things separating a Junior League All Star team frm Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach from playing in the World Series Finals in Taylor, Michigan.

But under Brandon Broughton's power at the plate and on the rubber Friday, a Southwest Region championship team from Corpus Christi, Texas beat the boys of the West region championship, 4-2.

Broughton, who'd been instrumental in Southeast's victory over the West on Wednesday, was solid at the plate again for Southwest. The slugger, who went 1-3, drove in one and scored two. He homered in the third inning.

Broughton also racked up eight strikeouts, allowing one earned run, four hits and two walks over five innings.

The game was decided until the final out as Southwest managed to once again stave off West rallies down the stretch.

The MB/HB boys came on strong in the seventh, scoring two runs on two singles. 

Joey Acosta pitched five innings for the West, walking one, striking out three, and allowing four runs.

Southwest, who took the lead in the third inning, stayed on top until the final out.

Chris Penna and Nick Solan were both 2-for-4 for the West, which ended the World Series tournament with a 3-2 record. The two losses to Texas were the only loses the team suffered during its entire post-season play. 

Texas lost the World Series championship game to Tai-Chung, Chinese Taipei, 9-1, Saturday.

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