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Kids Use Lemonade Stand to Aid Wounded Warriors

Jul 10, 2014 07:25PM ● By Dig Mb Staff

Emma and Cameron Cobb are raising funds for the Wounded Warrior Project via a "lemon-aid" stand popping up all over Manhattan Beach.

A Manhattan Beach girl and her brother are putting the word "aid" in "lemonade."

Emma Cobb, 8, and Cameron Cobb, 6, took to the sidewalk on Valley Drive Thursday afternoon to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project via a lemonade stand decorated in honor of wounded warriors.

The two youngsters hung out with a supervising adult and told DigMB they'd raised slightly more than $100 for their cause in the same spot the day before.

Emma. who attends Pacific Elementary School is well-versed in lemonade stands, frequently gathering neighborhood friends to sell homemade lemonade outside her home.

"I really like doing it," Emma told DigMB. "It's fun."

Emma and Cameron's goal is to raise $5,000. With just a couple of days under their belt, the two have already raised more than $200, said Kirsten Merrill, 24, who is working with the kids.

At this stand, the organic lemonade and treats such as muffins and cookies are store bought. The children's parents buy the supplies and Emma and Cameron serve the aid. DigMB's cup of lemonade was delightfully delicious, with a nice pucker to it.

Emma and Cameron have Wounded Warrior stickers and wristbands to pass out as thank yous and a way to remind people of the Wounded Warrior Project's cause.

The sibling team got into the "lemonaid" business when their dad saw a TV commercial about the organization and looked it up online. "We heard about the Wounded Warriors from watching the news with my dad. Every time I saw the commercial for Wounded Warriors I asked my dad how we can help them; now, we finally get a chance to!" reads a letter on Emma's website about the cause.

Online donations are being accepted on Emma's website, too, and the site lists where you'll next find the lemonade stand in public.

Emma and Cameron's lemon-aid stand is sure to be this summer's best "pop-up" enterprise in Manhattan Beach, so keep an eye open for them and stop by for some refreshments.

DigMB thanks Emma and Cameron for their efforts and for taking some time out to talk with DigMB about their efforts on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project!

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